Creamy Cloud Nougatine The perfect harmony of smoothness and texture – a delight white cream with a crispy nougatine tuiles – topped with thin flakes of salted white chocolate

Dark chocolate pleasure 66% pure cacao chocolate in 4 different textures : Soft dark chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, extra light and smooth chocolate chantilly finished with a crunchy square chocolate flake with pure cacao powder

Milk chocolate sphere Milk chocolate glaze, 100% Madagascar vanilla light cream, cake imbibed with vanilla, hazelnut crunchy Nougatine that melts, in your mouth

Macaron with fresh raspberries and light cream of vanilla Madagascar

Baba au Rhum Traditionnel : Traditional baba syruped with rum (Trois Rivières or Clément) flavored with vanilla and citrus zest, with fresh pineapple cream puree and light creamy whipped cream.

Tarte Tatin with poppy seeds. The famous tart with caramelized apples, with the traditional technique by the Tatins sisters, streusel (crumble type) with poppy seeds and baked almond cream.

Mandarin choux :  Choux pastry, cream mandarin, fresh fillet from Chios island fragrant mandarins and caramelized mandarin peel, decorated with light creamy whipped cream mandarin

Bitterness Pleasure : Fluffy deluxe with crispy hazelnuts and hazelnut praline, a thin layer of fresh bergamot chocolate cream, between thin chocolate sheets of 66% cocoa – decorated with light chocolate whipped cream and caramelized zest

Kyoto : Fluffy dacquoise from tahini , roasted in a wood oven, in combination with lemon cream from fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and caramelized lemon peel

Macaron with fresh raspberries and light cream of vanilla Madagascar

From Aegina to Ceylon Chiboust cream with Ceylon cinnamon and roasted pistachios from Aegina island, pure Madagascar vanilla pastry cream, slow cooked apples, pistachio daquoise cake

Lemon Cheese Cake Shortbread pastry, cake imbibed in fresh lemon juice, fluffy cheesecake, lemon marmalade and light cream cheese

Tart with light Madagascar vanilla bavaroise cream and fresh strawberries or fresh raspberries – depending on the season

Baba au rhum : Baba syruped with fresh pomegranate juice, tsipouro, black pepper and light creamy whipped cream with fresh pomegranate

Tarte Oriental : Tart with ganache coffee syruped cookie with coffee and cardamom cookie, whipped cream. The transfer of Arabic coffee to a sweet in which we find the power of coffee and light notes of grated cardamom

Saturne : Saturne Crispy and fluffy Sablé Breton – the perfect combination of strawberry lemon and banana, airy lemon mousse, fluffy lemon cookie and whole strawberries

Quarra : Dacquoise from fresh hazelnut, banana and passion fruits , milk chocolate whipped cream with chocolate chips and ginger confie

Paris Brest Bon Bon Fait Maison presents a harmony of textures : a choux pastry and crushed hazelnuts contrast with the creaminess of its praline mousseline cream. Thin pieces of Brittany-style crêpe dentelle biscuit provide the crispy layered texture.

Forastero :  Chocolate velvety chocolate mousse 66% cocoa from fresh wild raspberry juice, brownie biscuit base, fresh raspberries, airy chocolate-raspberry whipped cream, crunchy chocolate leaf all sprinkled with raspberry powder

Chocolate macaron, with chocolate ganache 66% cocoa

Macaron with white chocolate ganache and juice from fresh raspberries

Macaron Jasmine with white chocolate ghanache and with green tea Jasmine Chung Hao